Does Paint Protection Film Really Work? Paint protection film technology has advanced a lot since the original concept was devised and today’s top brands like XPEL really do offer excellent paint protection for up to ten years. So in short to the question, does Paint Protection Film Really Work? The answer is… yes.

There are inferior paint protection film (PPF) products out there that can still turn yellow with time which defeats their purpose of preserving the original lustre of the vehicle’s finish. The XPEL PPF technology as used by Bespoke Detailing Solutions does not have this issue and remains crystal clear throughout its lifespan.

This means the PPF won’t dull the paintwork over time, but exactly how effective is it at preventing scratches, dents and other damage caused by road debris, dings, dirt and bug splatter? Let’s find out.

How PPF Protects Vehicle Paintwork

XPEL PPF consists of a special elastomeric polymer technology which serves two functions to protect a vehicle’s paintwork. Firstly, the rubber-like elasticity of the polymer helps to absorb the energy from stones, rock chips and other debris that can blemish the finish of a car. This immediately lessens the impact and reduces the potential for damage.

The secondary function is the elastomeric polymer’s self-healing ability, which means it will seal up the scratches and swirls it receives after taking damage from an exterior force such as a stone hitting the vehicle.

It’s important that people understand that it is not a magic shield that will protect a vehicle from anything and everything. If the object striking the car is sharp enough or fast enough, then the film can be punctured. However, even when a rare occurrence of this does happen, the elastomeric polymer will still minimise the damage to the paintwork. Such PPF punctures are only likely to occur at high speeds or on rougher terrain with heavily tracked cars, plus there is an extra thick PPF produced by the top brands that offer even more protection for vehicles likely to experience a lot of fast and sharp impacts. The thicker film can also be applied only to the parts of the vehicle most at risk.

Is Paint Protection Worth It?

Every individual vehicle owner will obviously have to assess the personal value of paint protection film according to their own circumstances, but here are things to consider.

It would hardly be worth it on an old banger that already has a bunch of battle scars through multiple owners. Likewise, your lower end new cars will not maintain a high sell-on value once you have been driving them for a couple of years anyway, so preserving the original paintwork is unlikely to be a top priority either.

Beyond these cheaper and already blemished vehicles, there is a good case to be made for PPF. Obviously, the higher end the vehicle, the more it can benefit from paint protection film, especially if it is driven anywhere regularly.

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