Paint Correction Detail

What is Paint Correction Detail?

Our paint correction detail shares all the same wash and decontamination elements as our enhancement detail but with more focus and attention to correcting and permanently removing more severe defects and abrasions in the vehicles paint. These defects will most likely have happened over a period of time from such things as general wear and tear, exposure to the elements and using incorrect washing and drying techniques.

paint correction detail

Our Paint Correction Detail Process

Once the first stages – wash and decontamination – have been completed, the painted areas of your vehicle will be measured using a paint depth gauge. This enables us to work within the safe limits of the paint by removing very fine layers of clear coat/lacquer which is measured in microns. We aim to correct defects by up to 95%, which will be discussed at your free paint correction detail consultation. This is achieved by way of a multi-stage (3-5) machine polish, using carefully selected products and equipment to match your vehicle, manufacturer and paint type.

In addition to the services listed, during our paint correction detail, the wheels will be removed from your vehicle and thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. The wheel arches, suspension components and engine bay will also receive attention to further enhance their appearance. This is when Swissvax Wax or Quartz coatings would be applied if you select our all surface protection option.

A complimentary interior cleanse is included in each of our detailing packages, comprising a thorough vacuuming, dusting, glass polish and appropriate dressing of all interior surfaces.

If you are looking to take the appearance of your vehicle to the next level then our paint correction detail is the option to choose. The paint correction detail will produce a by far superior finish to when your vehicle first left the showroom or factory. The results of this service really are astounding and the transformation can only be truly appreciated upon completion by comparing before and after photos.

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