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Highly-Rated Car Detailing Huddersfield

If you are looking for trusted and highly experienced car detailing in Huddersfield then Bespoke Detailing Solutions is the perfect place for you and your vehicle. Here at Bespoke Detailing Solutions, specialist car detailing Huddersfield, we offer high quality detailing solutions that are both trusted and highly regarded throughout Yorkshire and the UK. Our extensive portfolio includes vehicles from Bentley, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, VW, Ford and many more, which have all undergone various car detailing programmes. Our professional car detailing studio is located in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, just 10 minutes drive from Huddersfield town centre and 2 minutes from junction 25 of the M62 and has been designed specifically with detailing in mind. It is designed to offer the best working conditions possible, taking into consideration temperature, lighting and everything else in between to ensure we achieve perfection every time.

We offer a variety of vehicle detailing and care services to help make your vehicle look its best and ensure your expectations are surpassed. These include our popular enhancement detailpaint correction detail and paint protection film services. Although none of the services we provide are off the shelf, as every vehicle, condition, paint, etc. are different meaning that we treat every job individually. That’s why here at Bespoke Detailing Solutions, specialist car detailing Huddersfield, we offer a free consultation with no obligation, so we can review everything and you can be comfortable knowing you will be getting value for money and your vehicle will be getting the most appropriate solution.

professional car detailing Huddersfield

Our Consultation Process

We take pride in our reputation that we have built on offering the best and most honest detailing services, which ensures that every vehicle that passes through our studio achieves the best outcome possible. That’s why we offer and recommend a free consultation with you and your vehicle. Allowing us the opportunity to fully assess your vehicle’s condition and then recommend the most accurate package to restore your vehicle.

During the consultation process, we analyse the paints condition and depth and then provide a detailed breakdown of the time and costs to complete the detail. We do understand that not everybody can make it to our studio and do offer at home consultations where possible and can provide quotes by phone or email, but it’s not our preferred method.

Our Car Detailing Process

If you are considering having your vehicle detailed at Bespoke Detailing Solutions, specialist car detailing Huddersfield, then it’s important that you fully understand what process your vehicle will go through. With all of our exterior car detailing services, there are ultimately three stages to the process are these are:


This stage is undertaken to remove any nasty contaminates from the surface of your car through the use of specialist liquids and most importantly clay. Claying the surface is done to remove any unwanted bug splatter, tar, etc. particles from within your vehicles standard clearcoat. Unfortunately, standard washing of your vehicle cannot penetrate the clearcoat on the vehicle and in turn cannot achieve this level of cleaning.


This stage involves precise machine polishing and manual polishing of the vehicles paint using different degree levels of polishing pads. This can remove up to 95% of fine scratches and swirl marks from the vehicle’s surface that appear over time. These defects are usually a result of below par washing and drying of your vehicle.


This stage involves the application of specially produced protective solutions that help maintain the paints detailed condition. We can offer a variety of protection levels that could protect your vehicle’s condition for anywhere between 6 months and 10 years. This is dependent on your requirements and budget.

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If you’d like to find out more about our car detailing in Huddersfield and surrounding areas or you would like to book a free consultation, with no obligation, please contact our expertly trained and friendly car detailer on 07903 105143, or complete the form below and we will call you back and answer any questions you may have.

Our car detailers are Swissvax authorised and Professional Valeters and Detailers approved, so you can be confident your vehicle is in safe hands.