XPEL Paint Protection Film

XPEL paint protection film

Are you looking for a professional installer of XPEL paint protection film? Well, you are in the right place. Here at Bespoke Detailing Solutions, we are XPEL paint protection film factory trained and accredited. Our studio located in Brighouse, West Yorkshire is conveniently located a couple of minutes from junction 25 of the M62. This makes us easily accessible if you’re looking for XPEL paint protection film in Huddersfield, Halifax, Bradford, Leeds and throughout Yorkshire. Our specialist detailing studio is designed specifically to offer the best working conditions taking into consideration temperature and lighting to ensure the best results are achieved.

XPEL paint protection film is a clear or coloured polyurethane film that is applied directly to your vehicle to provide a layer of protection from scratches, dents, or swirls caused by road debris, stones, bugs, and other various environmental elements. Here at Bespoke Detailing Solutions, we take great pride in our services provided and ensure that we’re always at the forefront of the industry. That’s why our installer is XPEL paint protection film factory trained. As one of the market leading brands, we’re confident that we are supplying only the best quality to our customers.

The XPEL Difference

XPEL PPF is hand drawn, measured and tested manually. The film uses special elastomeric polymer technology that allows the film to heal itself from scratches and or swirl marks in a matter of minutes.

Working as an invisible layer XPEL PPF acts as a layer of armour over your vehicles finish. The crystal-clear and energy absorbent polyurethane film is computer cut from a database of precision templates specific to your car, and then safely bonded to the vulnerable painted surfaces offering up to ten years of guaranteed protection. XPEL paint protection film is 100% safely removable on factory paint and provides all of the protection you need. Unlike other less-advanced films on the market, XPEL PPF doesn’t peel, crack, turn yellow or blister.

Collective dirt and bug splatter eventually take its toll on the lustre of your vehicle. That’s why you should consider protecting your car’s finish with professionally installed XPEL paint protection film.

XPEL PPF Process


As with any of our detailing and car care services, we will review your vehicle with you free of charge and then decide what package to install to ensure you get the best value for money.

Precision Cutting

Once a package has been decided upon we run the XPEL paint protection film software to look up the make and model of your vehicle. Using XPEL’s directory of manufacturers dimensions we then determine the exact amount of film required for your vehicle. This information is then sent to the computer for the printer to cut and produce the exact pieces of protective film for your vehicle.


The XPEL paint protection film is then ready to be installed on your vehicle. We then proceed to peel and install each piece of XPEL protective film one-by-one to the matching locations. This has to be done properly, as improper installation can cause deformities in the film. Once all the film is correctly installed it needs to be left to settle and then it’s ready to protect you car for up to ten years.

The Standard Package

The standard package protects the most vulnerable areas on the front of the car that are prone to damage from stone chipping and pitting.

The covered areas are part of the front bonnet, bumper, front wings and wing mirrors. For anyone looking for a basic level of protection, this paint protection package will be suitable for you.

Standard Package Paint Protection
Full front package

Full Front Package

This is the most popular XPEL paint protection option because as well as protecting the front of the vehicle, the side areas are covered as well.

So if you’re looking for substantial protection this option will fully cover the bonnet, bumper, wings and wing mirrors this will be the best option for you.

The Complete Package

The self-healing topcoat covers all external painted and carbon lacquered areas of the car preventing swirl marks and light surface scratches on the vehicle.

The complete XPEL paint protection package will give you peace of mind that your vehicle will be safe from careless passers-by or unintentional scratches to the car.

Complete XPEL Protection

If you would like to find out more about our XPEL paint protection film or would like to book a free consultation, please contact our expert team on 07903105143, darren@bespokedetailingsolutions.co.uk or complete the form below and we will call you back. We are factory trained and accredited as well as Swissvax authorised and Professional Valeters and Detailers approved, so you can be confident your vehicle is in safe hands.

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